Thematics programs

Autism and New Technologies

This 4 year programme (2016 - 2019) is the fruit of a close collaboration between several European partners from 6 different countries (Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and Switzerland). It has to focus on and consider responses to the use of new technologies among children with ASD aged 2-18.

The project has three major themes:

  • Improve access to educational material and equipment developed with new technologies and adapted to specific needs for children with ASD and their families, such as robots or tablets.
  • Increase awareness and train famillies and professionals in the best support for children with ASD in their use of new technologies. Guidebooks are available to families and professionals.
  • Design and carry out applied research projects on the needs and expectations of children with ASD and their families, and provide concrete answers for their daily needs. This means evaluating the impact of the use of new technologies on children with ASD, to improve available material and applications. The approach is participatory, involving the children, parents and professionals working alongside the researchers.

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Applied research on Disability in Africa

The aim of this 4 years program run by FIRAH from 2014 to 2017, was to disseminate, promote and develop applied research and its results to an audience of researchers and those involved in the field of disability (in particular organisations for disabled people) on the African continent. The finality of this program is to increase knowledge of the lives of people with disabilities and set up practical recommendations for improving their rights and their social participation.

The actions over four years generated new research, but also permit a mapping of the main existing research, via the Resource Centre. This in turn we develop « sharing knowledge activities » between universities, disabled people organisations and disability services, enabling each to improve their practices and capacity to work together.

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