International Conference of Minority Languages spoken or signed and inclusive spaces

Le 5 décembre 2019 Evénements

From the 10th to the 12th may 2021, the INSHEA will organise a conference about the awareness in inclusive spaces of minority languages. 

The event will focus on two thematic: the first one “Praxeology: social intervention, work, health, education” will works about the transmission and preservation of the linguistic heritage of minority languages, the translangaging, the artificial intelligence for minority languages, the linguistic diversity including minority languages and the approaches, materials and tools for minority languages. The second event will discuss about the “Paradigms, analysis of professional, institutional or media representations and discourses”. A call for paper is open for psychological, sociological, glottopolitocal, anthropological, linguistical, pedogeological, didactical and digital researches.
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