The board

FIRAH's board is composed of 3 groups :

  • group of the founders members: Axel Kahn, FIRAH’s president ; Guy Hagège, Nexem’s president, FIRAH’s Vice-President ; Jean-Louis Garcia, APAJH’s President, alternate Albert Prévos, FIRAH’s secretary ; Alain Rochon, APF France Handicap’s President, alternate Pascale Ribes, FIRAH’s treasury.
  • group of qualified personality: Marie-Aline Bloch ; Bernadette Céleste ; Thierry Delerce ; Pascal Jacob.
  • group of the foundation's friends: Isabelle Maupin, MAIF’s administrator, alternate Nathalie Touzin ; Jean-Manuel Kupiec, OCIRP’s deputy general manager, alternate Florence Sorin ; Stéphane Bridel, Fonds Handicap et Société par Intégrance’s Secretary general ; Marie Karoun, Groupe Vyv’s societal partnership manager, alternate Maddalena Aure ; Luc Gâteau, UNAPEI’s President.

Friends assembly

The assembly of the friends of the foundation is composed of individuals and representatives of legal entities named by the Board of directors following the signing of the agreement stating their financial participation.

Within the board, the assembly is represented by 4 of its members (1/3 of the board). The role of the friends of the foundation is to contribute to promote the FIRAH's image and activities. It also works to increase the number of members of the assembly and through this, to develop the quantity and quality of the foundation's work.

Friends of the foundation include the following: the Groupe Vyv, the Fonds Handicap et Société par Intégrance, the MAIF, the MUTLOG, the OCIRP, the UNAPEI.