The board

FIRAH's board is composed of 3 groups :
  • group of the founders members
  • group of qualified personality
  • group of the foundation's friends

Friends Assembly

The assembly of the friends of the foundation is composed of individuals and representatives of legal entities named by the Board of directors following the signing of the agreement stating their financial participation.

Within the board, the assembly is represented by 4 of its members (1/3 of the board). The role of the friends of the foundation is to contribute to promote the FIRAH's image and activities. It also works to increase the number of members of the assembly and through this, to develop the quantity and quality of the foundation's work. 

The Ethic and Scientific Committee

This committee advises the Foundation on its ethics and scientific policies.

Concerning calls for projects, its roles are:

  • to determine the criteria for eligibility in the Call for Projects.
  • to evaluate the pertinence of projects received.
  • to validate those areas of research which will be supported by the Foundation's Call for Projects.

The ethic and scientific committee lends expertise in the follow-up and evaluation of research funded by the Foundation, and also dissemination of the research results in particular to those involved in the field. The committee can also craft opinions on cross-cutting topics concerning the activities or position of the Foundation, which will be submitted to the Board.

The committee is international and a mix between researchers and stakeholders from the field.