Ethical and Scientific Committee

This committee advises the Foundation on its ethics and scientific policies.


Concerning calls for projects, its roles are:

  • to determine the criteria for eligibility in the Call for Projects.
  • to evaluate the pertinence of projects received.
  • to validate those areas of research which will be supported by the Foundation's Call for Projects.

The science scientific and ethics committee lends expertise in the follow-up and evaluation of research funded by the Foundation, and also dissemination of the research results in particular to those involved in the field.

The committee can also craft opinions on cross-cutting topics concerning the activities or position of the Foundation, which will be submitted to the Board.

The committee is international and a mix between researchers and stakeholders from the field.

  • Jean Claude Ameisen - doctor, researchers – University of Paris Diderot - Honorary Chairman


  • Jean-François RAVAUD – INSERM Paris, France - President of the ethical and scientific committee
  • Paula CAMPOS PINTO – Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisboa, Portugal - Vice President of the ethical and scientific committee
  • Marie ABOUSSA – Nexem, France
  • Soumia AMRANI – Member of National Human rights council, Marocco
  • Pierre ANCET – University of Burgundy, France
  • Vincent ANIORT – APF France Handicap, France
  • Fabrice Blais – CCAH, France
  • Jacques DURAND - APAJH, France
  • Marie-Claire HAELEWYCK – University of Mons, Belgium
  • Yves Jeanne – University of Lyon 2, France
  • Murielle MAUGUIN – INS HEA, France
  • Britt-Marie Martini-Willemin – University of Genève, Switzerland
  • Donata PAGETTI – Member of the board of Autism Europe and European Disability Forum – Italy
  • Yves PILLANT – Trainer - France
  • Bruno POLLEZ – LADAPT - France
  • Philippe PUDLO – University of Valenciennes, France
  • Jean-François QUILLIEN – CNSA, France