Developing and implementing a framework for evidence based practice for technology relevant for autism

This project is conducted by Sorbonne University, the University of Bath and researchers and persons working in the field in many countries (France, England, Scotland, Spain, the United States ...).


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There has been an exponential proliferation in the availability of digital technology to help the autistic community. However, this community and autism professionals have not been able to determine the proven benefits of this technology or whether, and to what extent, they may even be harmful. Autistic children, their families and professionals have a hard time choosing the most appropriate technology for their needs and expectations.


Evidence based practice - EBP - is at the heart of medical disciplines and was extended to psycho-behavioural interventions for autism in order to facilitate relevant choices in the use of new technologies.


These tools are created as part of the research. They are linked to the research's results and contribute to make them more accessible to the stakeholders in the field. 


This research developed several tools that makes it possible to establish a protocol to assess applications and identify their purposes and limitations : 

Researchers produced 3 factsheets on keys concepts and notions of the research:


The links below are for two separate videos presentations:

  • Methodological Framework of Evidence-based Practices for Autism Assistive Technologies
  • The Evidence Assessment Tool: What It Is and How It Works

Further information on the BETA research project (Building Evidence for Technology and Autism) is available.
The latest research's findings and the evidence assessment tool will be on posted on line at





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