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Browsing with the key Tab, or "Tab"

You can browse the entire site without using a mouse.
This browsing can be done by using the key tab, or "Tab" (on the left of your keyboard), which allows you to go from link to link throughout the page. The order is as follows: you go from the top to the bottom and from the left to the right.

Using the key "enter" to activate the current link.
Finally, the arrows "low" and "high" enable you to lower or recover the current page.


FIRAH logo placed in the top left of each page, allows to go back to the homepage of the website.


Enlarge or reduce text size

A default size is defined for each text element of the website. You can adjust this size very easily by changing your browser options:
A+ is going to enlarge your text, 

A- is going to reduce the text,

A will show the default size.