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  • Department for Work and Pensions

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Fulfilling potential : Next steps. Department for Work and Pensions, September 2012. 64 pages

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[Extract from the foreword of the Minister for Disabled People] 
‘Fulfilling Potential’, published in December last year, is about making the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People a living reality for disabled people in Britain. (…)
What was clear from these discussions is that disabled people want to live independent lives, to play a full part in society and to be able to reach their full potential like anyone else. However, society continues to put barriers in the way of disabled people. This not only limits disabled people’s choices and opportunities, it restricts the growth of our society and economy. (…)
This document outlines that new approach – one of partnership and support. It sets out the vision and principles for further reform to achieve our aims of equality and independence and increasing society’s knowledge and understanding of disability. It starts the next phase of work to find fresh, practical ideas, drawing on the three themes of ‘Fulfulling Potential’ – realising aspirations, individual control and changing attitudes and behaviours of all of us.
So this document announces the setting up of a new disability action alliance. Disabled people will be at the heart of the alliance, leading the way, to ensure the policies and actions taken forward really will make a difference to the daily lives of disabled people and increase understanding in all of us. 

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Ce document fait référence à une large variété de politiques, certaines applicables à travers l’ensemble de la Grande-Bretagne et beaucoup applicable uniquement à l’Angleterre. 
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This document refers to a wide variety of policies, some applicable across the whole of the UK and many to England only. 
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